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Positive change develops from increased awareness .. awareness comes from experience and enquiry .. the guidance of an experienced teacher can be invaluable.

'Yoga can be fun, challenging, restful, inspirational and healing  .. sometimes all at once .. it is my honour and pleasure to share what I know.  


Drawing from an experiential yoga practice of over 25 years, I work closely with students to build individually tailored practices.


My teaching is informed by life, the classic teaching of Sri T Krishnamacarya, dance, somatic bodywork, music, life and my own exploration of connection and identity.

Offering eternal thanks to all my teachers, past, present and future, my faith is in the practice.'

Olanna is a Yoga and Movement Therapist and Teacher, registered with the UK Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council [CNHC] and Yoga Alliance [Senior Teacher]. She also practices Ayurveda, and holds Insurance, First Aid Certification, DBS and BSc Hons Complementary Medicine [Ayurveda]. Olanna has trained with many respected teachers in various traditions - in the UK, the US and India - and continues to learn, integrating ancient knowledge proven over time with contemporary methods.  

Olanna uses knowledge and techniques drawn from various disciplines to provide supportive nutritional and lifestyle advice alongside a safe and effective exercise regime.


References available on request.