open classes : all welcome

monday        12.30-1.30pm         Middlesex University NW4        beginners/fundamentals of flow

monday        1.30-2.30pm           Middlesex University NW4        vinyasa flow, experienced


wednesday   7.30-8.30am          Middlesex University NW4        vinyasa flow

wednesday   6.30-7.30pm          The Well Garden E8                   flow & restore


wednesday   7.45-9.15pm          The Well Garden E8                   vinyasa flow


friday             6-7pm                     Middlesex University NW4       vinyasa flow


saturday       9.30-11am               The Well Garden E8                  vinyasa flow, experienced

Please contact Olanna to book private classes at other times





A series of lessons to introduce you and/or someone you know to Awareness Through Movement and Functional Integration inspired by The Feldenkrais Method.



26 JANUARY, 02 FEBRUARY, 09 FEBRUARY, 16 FEBRUARY and an additional complimentary one to one lesson.


£75 pp (early birds £70, book before 15 Jan 2020)

This way of learning through mindful movement is accessible to anyone interested in promoting improved performance in all that they do and all that they are.


Each lesson will be different and complement the others in the series, in addition each session will be dedicated to a particular action in life and/or a yoga practice if that is your interest.

In Awareness Through Movement lessons students work at their own pace and well within their own capabilities, in response to verbal instructions. The movements are very gentle with repetitions and variations to build elegant, confident and efficient actions.

The core principles are that movement should be comfortable in order to learn, and that many movement problems, and accompanying pain, are caused by habit. Re-organising the nervous system consciously through gentle, supported explorations of small differences leads to changes that continue spontaneously into everyday life.

The lovely surprise is that with mindful movement the rate of improvement increases as we do less! This is something that has to be experienced. Most people describe the lessons as a pleasant and calming learning experience.

No previous movement practice or level of fitness is required. If you can go upstairs and get down onto the floor and up again, this series is for you. If you cannot then please contact Olanna for lessons in another space at the Well Garden.

The Well Garden operates with a 48h cancellation policy. 

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