Awareness Through Movement

for all fitness levels

functional integration


improved performance

Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement [ATM] lessons are accessible for people at all fitness levels.  Each lesson is different.


Students work at their own pace, in their own way, well within their own capabilities, in response to verbal instructions.  This simple process of making discoveries in movement for ourselves is open to anyone interested in learning and promoting improved performance in whatever life calls for. 

The movements are very gentle with repetitions and variations to build elegant, confident and efficient actions.  Nothing is forced.  The central principles are that movement should be comfortable in order to learn, and that many movement problems, and accompanying pain, are caused by habits [not by structure - and indeed structure is arrived at through movement]. Re-organising the nervous system consciously through gentle, supported explorations of small differences leads to changes that continue spontaneously into everyday life.  


In ATM classes the rate of improvement increases as we do less!  And become aware of more!  This is something that has to be experienced.  Most people describe ATM as a pleasant and calming learning experience.  


Moshe Feldenkrais, the originator of ATM, wrote many books, including 'Awareness Through Movement'.  A good summary of the method can be found in Chapter 5 of 'The Brain's Way of Healing' by Norman Doidge.