WELCOME to my website.  I am a London based Yoga and Movement Therapist, Yoga Teacher and Ayurvedic and Feldenkrais Practitioner offering


: personalised movement practices for individuals, small and large group classes and  workshops


: nutrition and lifestyle advice based in the ancient traditions of yoga and ayurveda made relevant to today


: hands-on lessons, therapeutic touch

YOGA translates as integration, unity.  Its practices are many and diverse .. like us!  It offers new choices, improved health, a greater sense of wellbeing and the potential to enjoy life to the full.


I am serious about the benefits movement practices can bring but I am not your average yoga teacher.  There will be a way to practise for each of us and my main interest is to work with clients individually, guiding them in exploring practices that are safe and effective, relevant and useful.

AYUR is life and VEDA is knowledge.  Ayurveda informs the decisions we make in day-to-day life, making it possible to restore and maintain good health, live in harmony with our environment and prevent future imbalances.


An ayurvedic consultation will explore your individual way of being, your particular vulnerabilities and how to best support yourself through diet and lifestyle.

aka Awareness Through Movement and Functional Integration, this practice is accessible to all.   Gentle guided movements for groups or as an individual practice to improve elegant spontaneous function and performance in all that we do and all that we are.